How to Save Money in Reykjavik

I’ve strolled Reykjavik’s fundamental shopping road commonly some time recently. There’s not a day that passes by when I visit the city that I don’t wind up there by one means or another. The road, going through the focal point of the city and frequently shut off to autos, is fixed with eateries, inns, bistros, and stores.

In any case, on this, my third visit to Iceland and this city, something felt unique. Reykjavik had changed. Despite the fact that still an adorable city loaded with clamoring bistros, brilliant structures, and a bohemian vibe, however gazing upward from my telephone, I ended up remaining before that change: a Dunkin’ Donuts, the North American espresso chain. In the year I had been gone, Dunkin’ — and in addition Joe and the Juice, various burger shops, more Taco Bells, and Subways — had appeared to grow up along this principle drag and around the city.

The mass market had at last come to Iceland

In spite of the fact that I have no strong evidence, as I would like to think, this is because of the requests of the regularly developing guest numbers. In spite of the fact that group have been blasting at the creases for quite a long time, to me the chains mirror the developing group attracted by Iceland’s rising acclaim and less expensive flights to the nation on account of spending aircrafts like WOW Air and Iceland Air’s seven-day free stopover.

What’s more, my Icelandic companions deplored the progressions this conveyed to the nation: stopped up streets, expanded mishaps, natural debasement, and higher costs. The city might change, and keeping in mind that there is another blog entry on how tourism has changed things, today I need to talk about the thing that will influence you the most: the higher costs.

While Reykjavik has dependably been costly, I discovered it a ton harder to remain on a spending this outing.

By the by, some ways still exist, and today I need to share them

Cook your own sustenance – Eating out in Iceland is costly and — like most capital urban communities — Reykjavik is particularly costly. This is where a doughnut can cost $5, a ground sirloin sandwich can cost $23, a supper for two with wine can cost $100! While there are a couple of spots I suggest (more on those later), it’s best to abstain from eating out much however much as could reasonably be expected on the off chance that you need to adhere to a financial plan.

Basic needs (essential pasta, eggs, skyr (an Icelandic refined dairy item), rice, chicken, and a few veggies) will cost 8,700 ISK ($76 USD) every week. Most inns, Airbnbs, and even lodgings have kitchens that enable you to cook your sustenance. Also, numerous basic supply and advantageous stores have pre-made sandwiches and plates of mixed greens for around 400 ISK ($3.50 USD).

Drink on a financial plan – Reykjavik has a portion of the best nightlife on the planet. It goes late into the night, with bars shutting down at 4 or 5am! Why? Since nobody goes out until 1am! In a nation where mixed beverages cost such a great amount (around 1,200 ISK ($10.50 USD)), individuals sit at home and get sauced until the latest moment possible. Hit the cheerful hours at the bars or lodgings and get brew for 600-700 ISK ($5.25-6.15 USD).

Stunningly better than party time costs is to buy your liquor obligation free when you touch base in the nation or at the state stores called Vinbudin. You’ll spare around 40% off the bar costs.

Couchsurf – Reykjavik has an extremely dynamic Couchsurfing people group. Getting included with the group is a surefire approach to get neighborhood bits of knowledge, meet magnificent individuals, and spare cash with a free place to remain. The most ideal approach to bring down your convenience costs is to not need to pay for it!

Split an Airbnb home as opposed to utilizing a lodging – If you’re chatting with companions, I would prompt against getting apartments. Inn dormitories cost 3,500-7,500 ISK ($30-65 USD) per individual, yet you can get whole homes or condos on Airbnb from 11,500 ISK ($100 USD) every night. In case you’re going in a gathering of at least three individuals, Airbnb is your most reasonable decision.

Camp – If you wouldn’t fret remaining somewhat out of the downtown area, you can camp at Reykjavik Campsite for 1,900 every night! It’s the least expensive paid choice in the city.

Eat at the road slows down – Not into cooking? Adhere to the road slows down serving pizza, sandwiches, kebabs, and Iceland’s acclaimed sausage that line Ingólfstorg square around the principle vacationer data focus and Lækjartorg (the square close to the Gray Line office). You’ll discover sandwiches and kebabs for around 1,000 ISK ($8.75 USD) while the sausage are 400 ($3.50). Everybody adores the celebrated Baejarins Beztu Pylsur wieners (President Clinton went there); they merit eating if the line isn’t long.

Eat some soup – If you’re searching for a warm feast to fill your stomach, you can locate a couple of Asian noodle puts that offer generous segments for around 1,000 ISK ($8.75 USD). My top choices are Noodle Station and Krua Thai, a Thai place that simply opened up.

Take a free visit – Want to know the historical backdrop of the city and Iceland yet would prefer not to pay for the galleries? Try not to miss the free strolling visit keep running by Free Walking Tour Reykjavik. It’s extremely useful and takes you around a considerable measure of downtown. Some other free shows: Harpa Concert Hall and the larger than usual geographical guide of Iceland in the City Hall.

Get the city pass – If you intend to see a considerable measure of the sights in the city (and you should), the Reykjavik Pass gets you free passage into all the real attractions, 10% off most visits, and even 10% off a couple of eateries. Despite the fact that a little city, Reykjavik additionally has some enormous exhibition halls and workmanship displays (to which the pass gets you rebates into). (I particularly adore the National Museum. It has a to a great degree itemized history of the nation.) The 48-hour pass is $40 USD yet effortlessly pays for itself.

Rideshare outside the city – If you are hoping to take off of the city (to visit the Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle, or anyplace else), hope to pay a considerable measure of cash for a visit. You could lease an auto, however that is still around $70 a day. The least expensive approach to escape the city and investigate is to check for rides on lodging announcement sheets (regardless of whether you aren’t remaining at one), Couchsurfing, or Samfredi, Iceland’s ridesharing site. They are loaded with explorers looking — and giving — rides all through the nation! You should simply share costs!

Appreciate the outside – Reykjavik is loaded with stunning things to see and improve the situation free. In the event that the climate is decent (or if nothing else not horrible, as May-September), stroll around. Appreciate the tight avenues and brilliant houses, watch the ducks in the huge lake in the focal point of town, hang out in a recreation center, walk the waterfront, walk the long strolling and biking way close to the air terminal (it’s dazzling and experiences some little shorelines, parks, and a local location, visit Nauthólsvík Beach and its hot spring, or visit the Grotta island beacon at the furthest end of town.


Not certain what to see or do while you are there? Here are some of my top picks:

Attractions: Reykjavík Botanical Gardens, Grotta, City Hall, Hallgrímskirkja, National Gallery of Iceland, National Museum of Iceland, The Penis Museum (yes, it’s a thing and it’s extremely odd), Reykjavík Art Museum, Árbæjarlaug and Laugardalslaug swimming pools.

Eateries: Laudromat, Noodle House, Glo, Le Bistro, Grill Market ($$$), Food Cellar, and Krua Thai.

Bistros: Kaffihús Vesturbæjar, Rakjavik Roasters, Kaffitár, Kaffibarinn, Café Babalu, and the bistro in Mál og Menning (which is my top choice).

Bars: Lebowski Bar, Bar Ananas, Kiki, The Dubliner, and Hurra.

By and large, I would spending plan around $60 – 70 USD every day for the city in case you’re paying for your convenience (a common Airbnb or inn), cooking the vast majority of your dinners, doing the vast majority of the free exercises, getting the historical center pass, and not drinking. In the event that you need see more paid exercises, have a couple of more pleasant suppers and go out to the bars, hope to spend between $80-100 USD every day. For those outdoors, Couchsurfing, cooking, doing the free exercises, and limiting paid encounters, you can get by for $30-40 every day.

Reykjavik isn’t as modest as it used to be, and there are less approaches to get by on a financial plan, on account of value swelling and a visitor industry providing food more to the mid-level and higher-end advertise. In any case, nothing is inconceivable. With some cautious spending — and also concentrating on the free nature attractions in the city — you can without much of a stretch abstain from exhausting your wallet before you get away from the city and investigate the nation!

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